Elite Care 24 Hour Emergency Centers expands practice, and adopts PowerServer PACS to Manage Radiology Workflow of Busy ER Centers


(June 27, 2014 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Today, RamSoft announces that Elite Care 24 Hour Emergency Centers has expanded their practice and has adopted RamSoft’s PowerServer PACS across 7 facilities from one central location. This enhancement will allow Elite Care to continue a manageable and less complicated expansion. Independently of growth, they will be able to keep working in unison and without interruptions in a standardized and efficient environment.

Elite Care 24 Hour Emergency Center offers hospital-grade services seven days per week. Their state-of-the-art facilities are fully staffed with highly qualified board certified physicians, who have extensive experience in major hospital emergency rooms. Elite Care in addition to offering multi-modality imaging services on premise, provides advanced cardiac life support, emergency trauma and critical care units, and onsite laboratory services, ensuring the highest level of emergency care.

According to Maureen Fuhrmann, CEO of REMCO Emergency – Elite Care, RamSoft’s PowerServer PACS solution enables them to swiftly send patient studies to top-shelf radiologists on all reading specialties, no matter where they are located. The speed at which PowerServer PACS facilitates rapid turnaround of patient reports is critical to their day-to-day operations, and allows them to treat emergency patients quickly and comfortably. Maureen Fuhrmann notes, “RamSoft’s PowerServer PACS makes our day to day emergency room radiology operation run smoothly. This system is very user friendly.”

Charlie Lamb, president of Lamb Technologies, RamSoft distributor, and implementation specialist of high-end radiology workflow solutions, adds that their goal is to drive medical standards, systematize workflow and improve user experience. Lamb Technologies guided Elite Care through this practice transformation project.

Marilyn Solano, director of sales and marketing for RamSoft adds, “It’s nice to know that our product is that efficient and can manage any given situation with its customizable workflows. For emergency care, this level of access is critical because immediate diagnosis and treatment is vital to patient care.”

PowerServer PACS is a 100% web-based image management solution that supports all modalities and offers the stability, performance and security that healthcare facilities require. With no limit on number of users, modalities or locations, PowerServer PACS provides unlimited freedom to meet goals for expansion and improve patient care. It features modality worklist, robust diagnostic viewer with embedded reporting and dictation tools, and a convenient physician portal to rapidly distribute reports and images to referring or primary care physicians.

About RamSoft Inc.: RamSoft, a Canadian IT software and services company with over 19 years of experience, is dedicated to developing and delivering cost effective RIS, PACS and Teleradiology solutions for its clients in the U.S. and around the world. The company’s goal is to enable imaging facilities, radiology centers, and ambulatory and acute-care practices to continue offering superior patient care while improving workflow efficiencies. RamSoft, Inc. offers a wide range of affordable and feature-rich solutions such as the PowerServer™ Series of PACS, RIS/PACS, Teleradiology, and patient information management systems. For more information, visit www.RamSoft.com.