Our Story

Dr. Ram had a vision to improve patient care by using innovative technology. In 1994, Dr. Ram decided to start RamSoft with the assistance of his two boys. They shared their father’s interest and wanted to help make this dream a reality.  In 1995, RamSoft started out with the UltraIQ Ultrasound Quality control software. From there, the company proceeded to grow and focused exclusively on medical imaging because it is so specialized and requires so much attention to detail. It helps change lives.

From its humble beginnings with a staff of 3, RamSoft has grown to become one of the leading innovators in web radiology. The company has evolved to develop innovative medical imaging, radiology workflow, teleradiology and DICOM routing solutions for clients around the world.

Today, RamSoft continues to see high growth as the legacy of Dr. Ram continues on through the leadership of his two sons.

About Vijay: Vijay is 37, married, with a boy who shares his curiosity for technology.

About Siva: Siva is 34 years old, married, with two beautiful girls.