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Gabriele Masselli’s Story – Healthcare Professional

I have interested in Radiology since I was in my mid twenties.
The capacity to make a diagnosis and the continuous advancement of technology are the main reasons which why I decided to became a radiologist.

Written by Gabriele Masselli | December 4, 2014


Esther Mizrachi’s Story – Healthcare Professional

When I was in college, my mom was brought to the ED after sustaining a seizure that caused her to lose her ability to speak and understand language. In the ED, they did not know what was happening and initially assumed it was a stroke. They gave her tPA before imaging. After imaging her brain, they realized it was a meningioma. The tumor was successfully removed and she is now doing perfectly well. The radiologist who read the film saved her life.

Written by Esther Mizrachi | December 3, 2014


Frank Scherf’s Story – Healthcare Professional

I have been in medical imaging for 36 years and have seen all the changes. Wonderful!

Written by Frank Scherf | December 3, 2014


Jennifer Stone’s Story – Healthcare Professional

I love Radiology!!!!!

Written by Jennifer Stone | December 3, 2014


Anne Campbell’s Story - Healthcare Professional

I am a radiography student and am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Such a great Show!

Written by Anne Campbell | December 2, 2014


Jason Myalil’s Story – Healthcare Professional

I am radiologic technology student right now and i am very passionate in learning and understanding work. Radiology is what I want to do in the future. I want to help patients, and I am doing that in the clinical sites but I want to bring my best for the future.

Written by Jason Myalil | December 2, 2014


Jacquline Dougherty’s Story – Healthcare Professional

I’m new to the radiological business but I’m the Director of Quality.  I am learning a lot and enjoy working in the industry.

Written by Jacquline Dougherty | December 2, 2014


Angie Luckey Succes’s Story – Healthcare Professional

I am new to the medical radiation measurement industry.

Written by Angie Luckey – December 2, 2014


Cephus Simmon’s Story – Radiology Professional

I have been in the radiology profession for over 27 years.  I am presently a radiologist assistant.  I have invented new technologies that will improve healthcare.

Written by Cephus Simmon | December 2, 2014


Amelia Simmons’s Story – Healthcare Professional

I like radiology because of the virtual images.

Written by Amelia Simmons | December 2, 2014


Gustavo Cueva’s Story - Healthcare Professional

Con la radiología conseguí una perfecta conjugación entre el manejo de la tecnología y la atención al paciente.

Written by Gustavo Cueva | November 30, 2014


Amanda’s Story – Radiology Professional

My story of why I chose to go into the profession I am in…. RADIOLOGY!
At the young age of 13, I shattered my ankle. I had to have 2 surgeries and be in a wheelchair for about 3 months. After 12 months of therapy, I finally could walk again without crutches.
With that being said, I remembered one of the first things they did in the ER when I arrived. I was rolled over to the radiology department and they did an X-ray of my ankle. After the X-ray, the kind tech asked if I wanted to see my pictures. Of course I said yes. So, he rolled me around the corner and hanging on a view box was the coolest pictures a 13 year old had ever seen. I asked a ton of questions and the tech was willing to share why he loved his job. I knew at age 13 that I wanted to take those cool pictures when I grew up.
Long story short, the tech that took my X-rays that day became my step-brother 2 years later. I followed in his footsteps and I am thankful that I did because I love my job.
The satisfaction of helping patients every day is a wonderful feeling. I meet so many different kinds of people and hear all sorts of stories. I look forward to coming to work each day because I LOVE MY JOB and MY PATIENTS!!!!

Written by Amanda Blewett | October 31, 2014


Jennifer’s Story

I chose Radiologic Technology as my profession because I enjoy working with people and I enjoy working with technology.  Radiology combines those two loves for me into one career with the advances in PACS and interfaces with other clinics.  My role has changed over the years as technology has grown, but the reason I come in to work everyday is still my love for helping others and helping patients get the answers they want efficiently.  The technology of Imaging has allowed us to provide even better patient care and better rapport with our referring physicians. Working in an Imaging Clinic is a challenge everyday, but one that is very fulfilling and keeps me coming back. 22 years later and I still love it!

Written by Jennifer | October 30, 2014


Tracy’s Story – Radiology Professional

I have worked as Registered Technologist for 18 years and I honestly could not think of anything else I would rather do. At 17 I  worked weekends as a ward clerk at a local hospital. I loved working there, but had no desire to be a nurse. After I graduated I was undecided as to what career I wanted to pursue, so I went to my local college just to get some core under my belt. One night while I was at home in the kitchen I heard something on TV that I wanted to see. As I ran to the living room my foot hit the rug and I tripped and fell. I heard a loud pop and my ankle instantly started to swell, so off to the ER we went. After arriving at the ER, the physician ordered an X-ray on my ankle. I knew the transporter who came to get me, so I started talking to him. He told me he was working as a transporter until he could get into X-ray school. I asked him and the technologist several more questions during the exam. By the time I left the ER I had decided to pursue a career in Radiology, and the rest is history! I am so thankful for that fall!! I love the field of Radiology. I enjoy helping people and I try to give them the best patient care possible. Over the last 18 years I have been given many chances to advance in the field. I am now the Radiology Manager of a Diagnostic Center. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful field of professionals.

Written by Tracey Kennedy RT(R)(M)(MR) | October 29, 2014


Linda’s Story

My oldest sister was a Radiology Technician and really liked her job. So I decided to follow in her footsteps. I love helping people and enjoy taking their pictures and doing their Cat Scans. I am a very compassionate and caring person and that is what patients need. I treat all my patients equally and love to help them in any way I can.

Written by Linda Wise | October 24, 2014


China’s Story

I love people and knew  I wanted a career that focused on making a difference in people’s lives.  Before the start of my senior year of high school, my grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer and it had already metastasized.  She was given a prognosis of a year to live. She made it through that year, but unfortunately, she died a week before I graduated high school. I had thought about a career in Radiology; so after her death, I decided to apply for the Radiology program. I  was accepted. Going through the Radiology program was like therapy for me.  It helped me to cope and get through her death.  I have enjoyed working in Radiology as a Mammography, Radiology, and Bone Densitometry  technologist for a total of ten years. I would not trade it for anything in the world; except, to see my grandmother right now  and to know that I made her proud!

Written by China Manley | October 23, 2014


Emily’s Story – Radiology Professional

My Father started a small, local portable radiology company in Central New York in 1980. I spent much of my youth earning my “allowance” working in the file room and beginning to understand more and more how our company worked and specifically how it helped people. I feel extremely blessed now to work full time for my fathers company, and I couldn’t be more proud of the business he has built. The ability to provide patients a radiologic exam right at their bedside when they may be too sick or pained to move has been a huge step in quality of patient care, and with RamSoft we are able to get the exam results to our customers so much faster so they can begin proper necessary treatment. I can say with full confidence that  I<3 RADIOLOGY!!

Written by Emily D. | June 3, 2014


Warren’s Story – Son’s MRI

My son Gerald had a strange liquid-filled bump on his head when he was only a few weeks old. It just appeared and then got huge. Naturally, as parents, we freaked the hell out. We went down to sick-kids, it would have been Halloween evening, I remember. They got him in their MRI machine and cranial specialists looked at him, and eventually diagnosed a completely benign but very rare self-healing condition that happens rarely in newborns. It’s indistinguishable from what could have been a deadly problem, without adequate imaging to tell the difference, and see if the skull, the durum, and the brain, and brain lining are inflamed, or normal. When everything about the skull, the durum, and the brain is normal, it’s harmless. Talk about a relief.

Written by Warren P. | June 24, 2014